Class Information

2019 Level 1 Core Classes





Farm Implements-  Create and custom paint wooden model farm implements.





Dance-   Create fluid movements to our theme song choreographed by instructor Julie Ruis.

Friendship Pole- Paint it your way, put it in the front yard, your bedroom or give it to a friend or family member.


 Dough Art- Dough creations make delicious treats for the creators to eat.




Cute Sock Animals - These cute owls and other animals are fun and easy to create. Choose from various animals.

 Drama - Practice a skit, learn how to act in front of a live audience and perform at the Friday evening program.







String Me Along - Using a hammer, a nail and a hunk of wood along with some string to create wall art.





Fun & Games with Wood - Create wooden games to take home and play with friends.



2019 Level 2 Core Classes


Woodworking – 2X4 chair- Sand, paint and put together pieces of 2X4’s and some 1X4's and go home with a heavy duty chair.

Woodworking-Adirondack Chair- Itching to build something? Construct a chair using plans, hand tools, and power tools.





Weave a picture- Create a colorful wall hanging.




Photography- Discover the beauty of God’s creation through photography. You will need a camera for this class.






Ukulele Fun- Learn how to play a ukulele and perform during the Art Show.

Dance - Learn choreographed dance movements from a professional dance instructor.

Advanced String Art - Take string art to another level. This one is back by popular demand.

2019 Theme:





Level 1 Electives





Button Art ( 2-days)-  Create a colorful fun picture using buttons of various colors and sizes!

Homemade Art Supplies (2-days)- Campers will create their own sidewalk chalk, paints & more!





Woodworking - (2 days) Robin House and bird feeder.





Woodworking - (2 days) Wren & Nuthatch House and feeder.




 Tie Dye (2 days)- Turn a white T-shirt and white socks into colorful wearable art.


Gumball Machine (2 days)-  Make your own gumball machine and keep it full, no coins necessary for dispensing from this machine!

Fun Cupcakes (2 days)- Make, fill and decorate cupcakes that are decorated with frosting and ready to eat. You will even make         animal cupcakes.


Airplanes (4 days) (4th-5th graders only)- Create and paint custom wood airplanes.

Rock Painting (2 days)- Pick the size and shape of rock you want and turn it into a painting of a house, animal or plant.

Smoothies (2 days)- Make delicious fruit smoothies and he best part is you get to eat them!





Sun Dried Nature T-Shirt - (2 - 2 day classes) Acrylic paint and the sun combine to create a wearable work of art.

Rainbow Loom (2 days)- Create nice colorful bracelets using colorful rubberbands.


Diamond Dot Painting  (2 days)- Come and make a beautiful picture using diamond like facets. It is like color by number with diamonds!

Treasure Box – (4 days) (4th– 5th graders only)- Make a box that ends up a treasure even if you don’t put your own treasures inside of it.


Paint and Calligraphy  (4 days)- Using plastic cards and canvass to create unique artworks to hang.

Art of Chocolate   (2 days)- Melt chocolate, dip goodies in it, even create your own candy bar!

Scrapbooking  (2 days)- Take your pictures out of the drawer or box and turn them into lifelong treasures.




S.T.E.M. - (4 days)  Experiment making crystals, a butterfly habitat, math game and more.   




Washer Necklaces - (2 days) Turn an every day piece of hardware, a washer, into a pretty necklace.





Wise Owls - (2 days) Whoooo wouldn't want to take this cute pair home.





Basket Weaving - (4 days - 4th and 5th graders only) Different size and shape baskets can be woven from flexible reed like materials.


Picture Frame Greenhouse - (2 days) Create a small greenhouse to help some special small plants grow.





Geometric Art - (2 days) Colorful shapes painted with acrylics make a lovely wall hanging.






Melty Mania - (2 days) Melted crayon art is back by popular demand.   





Playful Pals - (2 days) These cute paper creations have a secret compartment for your tiniest treasurers.







Dream Catchers - (2 days) From simple to extra complicated dream catchers are fun to make.








Stencil on Wood - (2 - 2 day classes) Using stencils, paint and wood create a wall hanging with your name or a saying on it. You can even take this class twice and create two wood wall hangings.









Level 2 Electives

Wood burning (4 days)- Wood burning tools are hot and with some creativity you will create a hot looking piece of art to take home.

Fancy Cupcakes (2 days)- Try out different piping techniques to make flowers, shells and cupcake toppers. See what you can create.

Geometric Art (2 days)- Bright or muted geometric designs painted on canvass and ready to hang

Russian Egg Art (4 days)-  When does an egg become a work of art? When you use colorful Russian Egg Art techniques on it.




Shotgun Shell Wreath (4 days)-  Choose from a Camouflage, Christmas wreath, patriotic wreath and more.


Mirror Etching (4 days)- Decide what your etched picture will be and then get it permanently etched into a mirror time.


Art of Make-up (2 days)- Don’t look made up, learn how to use makeup to enhance your own beauty.

Woodworking – Foot Stool (2 days)- Sand and assemble a foot stool and then put your feet up and relax.

Woodworking – Side Table (2 days)- When this side table is assembled and then sanded you will have the perfect place to set that bottle of pop on a hot day.

Treasure Box (4 days)- This box ends up so nice it is a treasure all by itself and it can hold your other special treasures.

Specialty Ice Cream Sandwiches (2 days)-  Beyond your typical Ice Cream Sandwich.

Tie Dye  (2 days)- Put your own touch of great color and design on a white T-shirt and a pair of socks.


Melty Mania – second generation (2 days)- Crayons turned into colorful pictures.

Art of Chocolate (2 days)- Learn about heating the chocolate in order to make molds, designs and dip some of your favorite foods.








Stencil on Wood - (2 - 2 day classes) Create a wood wall hanging with paint and stencils.  They can be just as nice as the ones at Hobby Lobby!

Card Making - (2 days) Create really special cards to send your friends and family or to say thank you for something someone has done.






Flower Arranging - (2 days) Turn a variety of flowers and greens into a great centerpiece.

Sewing - (2 days) Make a pillowcase that is just for you.

Advance Smoothies - (2 days) They taste awesome and they are good for you to boot.

Fancy Ice Cream Sandwiches - (2 days) Almost to fancy to eat, but then eat them anyway because they taste sooo good.

Pallet Art -  (2 - 2 day classes) Take an old Pallet, paint it and make it a display piece for your yard or wherever you choose.