Mission & Vision


Our Mission Statement

The mission of Bethel Church is to glorify God in worship and our daily living, to evangelize His world and to connect people to God so that they become part of a Christian community.  We will accomplish this through prayer, joyful worship, Biblical training, use of spiritual gifts, Christian fellowship, and outreach in our community.


Our Vision Statement

In a world filled with confusion, division, and suffering — 

WE ARE A SANCTUARY*,  a community of refuge and healing.


We’ve committed ourselves to being this through:

          1. DISCERNMENT — Being discerning and wise … not getting sucked into the craziness and lies of the world around us.

          2. GRACE — Being devoted to receiving and living in the grace of God … and demonstrating grace with one another.

          3. TRUTH — Being devoted to learning and living in truth … recognizing that kindness and compassion do not mean that we compromise our moral commitment.

          4. PUBLIC FAITH — Seeking to live out our faith in political and social spheres in Christ-like ways … which requires humility and care.

          5. SPIRIT-EMPOWERED — Being devoted to service to God and others … service that is fueled by Divine Power.

          6. MISSIONAL — Recognizing that our culture is changing … and focusing on it as a mission field.

           7. HEALING — Being a place that helps people find spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical healing … made available through the Gospel of Jesus.