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January 2022 — Sermons on David

December 2021 — Advent: Preparing for Jesus

November 2021 — No Series

September – October 2021 — The Spiritual Quest: Habits of Spiritual Growth

August 2021 — Ecclesiastes: Deep Thoughts, Questions, and Doubts

July 2021 — Directions of the Spiritual Life

June 2021 — Unexpected Gifts from God

May 2021 — Lessons from the Book of Jonah

April 2021 — The Power to Overcome

March 2021 — The Message and Ministry of Jesus

February 2021 — Living By Faith: Lessons from Abraham’s Early Life

January 2021 — Stewardship: Managing Your Life

December 2020 — Lessons in Advent

November 2020 — When Things Fall Apart: Trusting God in Life’s Ups and Downs

October 2020 — A Look at Job: Facing Our Challenges and Doubt

September 2020 — Better Together: Why Church, and How to Make it Better

August 2020 — Spiritual Formation During a Pandemic

June / July 2020 — Rebuilding Your Life: Principles from Nehemiah

March / April 2020 — Jesus’ Teaching in the Sermon on the Mount


Earlier Sermons — Audio Only:

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